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Custom Art Work

Your designs can be laminated into your custom made Kimo's Surf Hut surfboard.  In our line of hollow wooden surfboards your logo, art or name can be laser etched into the wood and then epoxy fiberglass-ed over to make a lasting impression!  Check out some of our other surfboards on this site or give us a text, call 808-262-1644 or e-mail to share your artistic direction.

The Surfer's

art on a napkin was the inspiration for the airbrushed scenes on the right. A proof will be provided to ensure you are stoked!

Your art is brought to life!

The design on a napkin left became this!

Zoomed in

on the shells on the deck of this surfboard's amazing airbrushed shells on sand at the water's edge.

Imagine your design


brought to life!

Hand drawn

flowers or any idea you have!


or solids

There is talent. What are your ideas?