Straight from the past, this Fish is a re-worked classic of Donald Takayama’s designs. More angle on the fins and a thinner blady tail make this board go faster and turn tighter than you ever thought possible on a fish. This model can definitely compete with the best and must be tried to fully appreciate it’s maneuverability. This is the fastest fish you will ever set foot on  and is epoxy original Tuflite construction. This model allows quick vertical snaps, cutbacks in small and mushy to big and barreling.
• 5'6” x 20.4” x 2.3” - 33.3L
• 5'9” x 20.6” x 2.4” - 36.5L
• 6'0” x 20.8” x 2.5” - 40L
• 6'3” x 21” x 2.6” - 43.4L
Donald Takayama’s legacy is a combination of the worlds best boards, best surfers and best waves, making his boards some of the most sought after in the surfing world. Takayama was famous for his progressive designs that combined both traditional and high-performance aspects into every board made.