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SOLAREZ UV Cure Epoxy Ding Resin - Paddleboard & Surfboard Repair Kit

by Solarez
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Size: 2 oz.

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SOLAREZ UV Cure Epoxy Ding Resin - SUP Paddleboard & Surfboard Repair Kit

Epoxy fixes both polyester (PU) resin boards and epoxy products. UV activated.  Don't store in a hot car or storage shed.  Heat significantly shortens the life of the resin still in the tube.

About this item

  • Includes Solarez UV Cure Epoxy Resin & 60/240 Grit Sand Pad
  • No mixing necessary. UV curing assures complete hardening.
  • Provides complete crosslinking; Remarkably tough and resilient
  • Contains urethanes that keep from yellowing; Eco-friendly Zero vapors, non-flammable
  • These resins cure exceptionally dry unlike other UV cure resins that cure tacky.
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